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Mixing Tank with Feeder and Control SystemDisCoP AnalyzerCopper plating tank with non-dissolvable anodeDissolvable Copper OxidePre-filtering of solution prior to returning to work tank
Order No.: B09-0508

The DisCoP electroplating process is a total system replacement using non-dissolvable anodes for copper plating tanks. A proprietary anode is used to transfer the current from the solution to the cylinder.

DisCoP has many advantages, including:

  • a stable plating bath that is predictable and controllable
  • a smooth 'mirror-like' surface
  • no interference on the plated surface
  • no downtime
  • no sulfuric acid units
  • no copper reduction unit necessary
  • minimum or no polishing after plating
  • minimum copper plating thru even surface
  • elimination of nugget maintenance
  • consistent plating thickness throughout the face length
  • consistent grain structure
  • noticeable reduction in plating time
  • eliminates waste treatment costs
  • less usage of hardening additive
  • reduction in filter usage
  • improved quality in the pressroom


The DisCoP System eliminates the conventional titanium basket and copper nuggets. The DisCoP plating process works by placing copper directly into solution. Micro particles of copper oxide (grain in the form of black powder) are dissolved in a premixing circulation tank. A copper analyzer measures the copper concentration of the solution. The analyzer controls a feeder that adds copper levels and a feeder must be installed to introduce the dissolved copper into the plating tank. These components are all located on the DisCoP Mixing Tank. The titanium anode basket must be replaced with a new non-dissolvable anode. Increased quality, savings in production time and elimination of the need for additional sulfuric acid will assure a fast return on your investment.