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Platinized Titanium Anodes

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Platinized Titanium AnodesSurface SEM-imageCross section etched, LM-image
Platinized Titanium Anodes
Order No.: B09-0504 ff.

The platinized titanium anodes are used as insoluble anodes in modern electroplating bathes for hard chromium plating of rotogravure cylinders. Chromic acid solutions which are containing sulphuric acid are used as electrolyte.


Construction of the anode (form anode for hard chromium plating)

For hard chromium plating of rotogravure cylinders semicircular anodes respectively bent conforming anodes, which adapt very good to the cylinder shape, are used. In principle there are two different types of anodes (A and B) with one or two bows. The platinized anodes basically consist of titanium and are offered in three different types of mesh rib (G, N and F) in mesh shape.


The mostly used standard type N has the following measurements:

Mesh length: 10 mm
Mesh width 5 mm
Sheet thickness: 1 mm
Rib width: 1 mm
Thickness of platinum layer: approx. 2 - 5 μm (on request)


The platinum layer is produced of molten platinum salt by means of high-temperature electrolysis (HTE-procedure).

Therefore this method shows the following advantages:

  • Dense crystalline layer structure and thereby good mechanical properties
  • Even metal distribution of the platinum layer and optimal adhesion on the titanium mesh
  • Long-lasting (approx. 3 g platinum per 1 million Ah are removed per bath) and dimensionally stable
  • The base material (titanium) is reusable after re-plating
  • No maintenance of anodes necessary Surface SEM-image Cross section etched, LM-image
  • Constant conductivity of the anodes
  • Very short distance from the electrode to the cylinder (4 - 6 cm). Due to the constant anode mesh and the circulating of electrolyte through the meshes cause an even current distribution and enable the use of a higher current density (thereby the chrome plating is essentially faster and a very even chrome layer deposited).