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Circumference meter D.Mess

Circumference meter D.Mess
Circumference meter D.Mess
Size I: Order No.: C01-0400 / Size II: Order No.: C01-0410 / Size III: Order No.: C01-0407

D.Mess – the next generation of the reliable digimess, already proven throughout the world wide industry, with increased measuring accuracy (+/- .00002 in.).

D.Mess – the measuring system for those who need to measure diameter, circumference and roundness of printing cylinders, rollers etc.

D.Mess measures with the utmost precision and reproducibility.

The D.Mess fulfills the highest demands on measuring accuracy. D.Mess is very easy to use; even unskilled users can properly operate the instruments with full accuracy.

The entire body of the D.Mess is made of distortion free reinforced cast aluminium. This construction guarantees longtime precision. A precise measuring probe, a microprocessor for the conversion of distance measurements, a temperature probe and a data printer are built into the instrument.

The digital LED-display can be switched over to show either diameter or circumference.

The measurement principle is a vertex measurement by means of a precision-angle-piece, with motorized, highly precisioned digital measuring probe and subsequent calculation to diameter and circumference.

The external temperature influence to the object to be measured is compensated.


Technical Data (subject to technical modifications)
Measuring unit:
The precision-angle-piece is made of special aluminium alloy. The supporting ledges are casehardened.
Measuring range:
Size I 2.75 – 13.60 inch Diameter (70 – 320 mm) / Size II 9.84 – 19.68 inch Diameter (250 – 500 mm) / Size III 19.68 – 26.37 inch Diameter (500 – 670 mm)
Measuring accuracy:
+/- .00002 in. (+/- 0,0005 mm)
Accuracy of digital display:
Diameter .00004 in. (0,001 mm) 6 digits / Circumference .0004 in., (0,01 mm) 6 digits / Temperature 0,1 °C 3 digits
Measuring time:
Without temperature compensation max. 4 sec. With temperature compensation max. 9 sec.
Power supply:
6 rechargeable accumulators, size KR 27/50 (replaceable), recharging unit 220/110 V, 50/60 Hz, (overcharging is impossible).