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Coating Thickness Tester Minitest 3100

Coating Thickness Tester Minitest 3100
Coating Thickness Tester Minitest 3100
Order No.: C01-0452

for determination the coating thickness of all coatings (except nickel) on ferrous resp. steel and all insulating coatings on non-ferrous metal substrates. The small portable instrument is designed for the fast measuring of copper and chrome coating thickness of rotogravure cylinders.

Measurements are effected either by the magnetic induction or the eddy current method and are non-destructive.

The measurement values are shown on the display in μm. The measuring range is for the FN 1.6 probe (for copper) 0 - 1600 μm and for N 08 Cr probe (for chrome)  0 - 80 μm.


The coating thickness tester Minitest 3100 includes the following parts:

  • Indicating unit (LCD display) with measuring and control electronics
  • FN 1.6 probe for measuring of copper on charger Steel (as an option)
  • N 08 Cr probe for measuring of chrome on copper (as an option)
  • Calibration foils
  • Mains unit with 220 V or 110 V
  • NiMH accumulator battery with
  • Carrying case for the instrument
  • Dust protective cover
  • Operating manual


Technical Data (subject to technical modifications)
Measuring range:
0 - 1600 µm (probe FN 1.6) or 0 - 80 µm (probe N 08 Cr)
Low range resolution:
0,1 µm
Minimum area for measurement:
Ø 5 mm
Memory capacity:
max. 10.000 values
average value, standard deviation, coefficient of variation
Power supply:
1 × 9 Volt alkaline battery, accumulator or AC adapter
Ambient temperature:
0 - 50 °C