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Hardness Tester SD-H2

Produktslider Härteprüfgerät SD GB

Hardness Tester SD-H2
Order No.: C01-0395

for determination of copper respectively chrome hardness of rotogravure cylinders -simple – fast – accurate. Hardness tests in Vickers range of light weight have the advantage that they are supposed to be non-destructive as the lasting surface indentation is microscopically small.

Measuring is effected by Vickers penetration procedure by electro acoustic evaluation of the indentation (UCI process). Different instrument adjustments (calibration values, penetration times, tolerance thresholds) for various metals can be stored in the device (e. g. copper, chrome, steel, zinc). A transfer to PC via USB interface for long-term storing is possible on a very easy way.

The measuring values and the current average value are shown simultaneously and colored (green = good; red = poor) on the display in Vickers hardness HV. Furthermore, the whole measurement-series (statistic results, single measurement values) can be displayed at a glance.

The Hardness Tester includes the following parts:

  • Indicating unit with measuring and control electronics with rechargeable accumulator
  • Swivelling housing holder and stable unit stand with tooth rack guide
  • Measuring probe with connection cable
  • Protection sleeve for the measuring probe
  • Charger
  • Operation manual
  • Hardness comparison plate with certificate
  • Communication software




System (Test unit and probe)
Method of testing
UCI method, correspond to DIN 50159
Test force of the probe
Motor: 3N (alternative 1N)
Test tip
Vickers diamond 136°
Measuring range
10 – 2000 HV
Hardness scales
HV, HRC, HB etc. according to ASTM E140 and EN ISO 18265 for low-alloy steel
Operating time
>8 h or >500 measurements (depending on system configuration, temperature and operating)
Operating temperature//Charging
0 to +50 °C / 0 to +40 °C
Storage temperature
-10 to +60 °C
Max. 90%, not condensing
3,7V / 2600 mAh
High-resolution color TFT-Display 3,5" with Touch-Screen
Storage and data transfer
76 MB internal memory; 2 GB data card; data transfer via USB, Bluetooth and WLAN