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3D-Volume Measuring System µ-surf-mobile

3D-Volume Measuring System µ-surf-mobile3D-image engraved cells3D-image etched cells3D-image laser engraving in copper3D-image laser engraving (single shot)3D-image laser engraving (Masterscreen)3D-image line engraving3D-image Anilox3D-image embossed cylinder3D-image Intaglio plate
3D-Volume Measuring System µ-surf-mobile
Order No.: C01-8057

In the printing industry the examination of the surface quality of rotogravure cylinders or anilox rollers is decisive for the consisting quality of the printing products. Inspection by means of the 3D-Volume measuring system µ-surf allows fast and precise surface structure characterization on the shop floor

This newly developed mobile measuring system was specially designed for the surface inspection of large component parts, such as rotogravure cylinders. Due to its compact design with bend optics it is largely resistant to vibrations and achieves a high precision. The motorized x, y-table operates over a positioning of 50 x 50 mm. By means of the computer-based distance tracking, it is possible to use combined measurements series (stitching) along the curved surfaces (e.g. along the circumference of the roll). In addition to roughness evaluation, modern surface analyses can be carried out  to determine the 3D properties (e.g. the volume). In the printing industry, for example the mobile measuring system is used for quality control of chrome rollers and for volume measuring of cells on laser structured (metal or ceramic), engraved and etched rotogravure cylinders. The following measuring values can be determined: length, width, depth, area, screen and volume. The mobile measuring head allows the direct 3D-measuring on large component parts (e.g. rotogravure cylinders) and works according to the confocal measuring method.

As well as the measuring of rotogravure cylinders, the topography of embossed cylinders and anilox rollers as well as Intaglio plates can also be measured determined. Further application ranges are roughness measurements of surfaces (printing cylinders, paper, etc.) as well as measurements on printed structures. 


Technical Data (subject to technical modifications)
Confocal Measuring head
Image acquisition module BM 512
High-Speed digital camera with progressive-scan technology, up to 55 fps, 512 x 512 pixel, 10 bit, Firewire
Light source, adjustable
High power-LED (wave length 505 nm), MTBF: 50.000 h
Scan module
x,y,z-positioning module MS 50
Motorized x,y,z-precision positioning stage, 50 x 50 x 25 mm
z-measuring module NV 350
Optional: fast precision adjustment system (Piezo, measuring range 350 µm, resolution < 10 nm)
System controller SC100
Industrial-PC (or Laptop), DVD-burner, Windows 7
Software Package µsoft Advanced
Control and evaluation software
Software µ-Soft Printmaster
Measuring- and evaluation software for printing cylinders incl. MS-Office SBE
Optic moduls
1600 S (10x)
800 S/XS (20x)
320 S (50x)
Measuring capture field (µm²)
1600 x 1600
800 x 800
320 x 320
Numerical aperture
Working distance (mm)
Resolution in z-direction (nm)
Resolution in x, y-direction (µm)
NF 3D-Plus
Software for photo-realistic 3D-presentation of topographical data
Certified (PTB) normal for X,Y- as well as Z-direction
Software µsoft-analysis
analysis software with a wide range of 2D and 3D capabilities
Roll container RC 65
Sturdy container with rolls for the complete system (Electronic modules, mobile measuring system, hardware)
Tablet PC
Special PC integrated in the roll container
Optic moduls
3200 S (5 x) und 160 S (100 x)