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Automatic Cylinder Cleaning System – AZR

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Automatic Cylinder Cleaning System – AZRwithout AZRwith AZR
Automatic Cylinder Cleaning System – AZR
Order No.: A02-2000

for Rotogravure Presses

The patented cleaning units are firmly assembled at the machine frame. AZR starts operation with a speed of 5.000 rph. The required solvent is taken from the main solvent supply by software controlled valves. Solvent is directed to the spray nozzles and sprayed directly onto the cylinder edges and axles.

Depending on programming, solvent consumption per printing unit varies between 4 and 8 l per printing hour.


  • No colour pigments remain on the cylinder front sides. The cylinders can be removed from the press with clean front sides and do not have to be washed in a washing machine. 
  • Degree of soiling of the press in the splash-guard area sensibly decreases. Therefore time for cleaning after production can be clearly reduced. 
  • These evident advantages have a favourable effect in more than 700 units installed world-wide. With our automatic cylinder cleaning system we have developed an equipment which meanwhile is part of all new rotogravure presses.