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Auto. Impression Roller Cleaning System – APR

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Automatic Impression Roller Cleaning System – APR
Order No.: C02-0070

Up to now, the impression rollers conventionally have been cleaned manually by cleaning rags impregnated with solvent respective by pouring toluene between the paper web and the impression roller.The printing process causes contamination as paper dust and chalk precipitation on the impression roller. In such regions which are not covered by the paper web, ink precipitations are incured.

These methods are very time-consuming and not very efficient, as the required quantity of toluene is difficult to meter. Furthermore the workers are exposed to very high solvent pollution.

Due to intensive development and innovation, we could automate this method of impression roller cleaning. 

The APR automatic impression roller cleaning system works as follows: 

On switched-off ESA-Station (electrostatic printing support station), i. e. impression roller print „on“ and speed between 0 and 5000 rph, solvent is sprayed by a spray bar between paper web and impression roller by means of an automatic control system. Therefore the released contamination is picked up and transported away by the slowly running paper web. 

Advantages of the system:

  • The sensitive rubber impression roller is protected. Cleaning of the impression roller is absolutely guaranteed and it does not cause damages e. g. due to the use of brushes or mechanical cleaning tools. 
  • A great advantage of the APR is clear reduction of set-up time for impression roller cleaning. 
  • Based on a monthly set-up time of approx. 10 hours, the investment in such cleaning system will amortize already after ½ - ¾ year.